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Want to Help? Get Involved!

There are a few ways.

become a Partner

Helping Empower Youth is dedicated to assisting in the self-empowerment process of young people. In a sincere and diligent effort to accomplish this effectively, we graciously rely on the support of generous donations from individuals, groups, and corporate donors, just like you!


We know that you are dedicated to the empowerment of youth people just as we are. You do this by donating your time and financial resources. Here is your opportunity to support our work by becoming a partner. By giving a gift and entering into partnership with us you will be making an indelible mark in the development and sustainability of programming that will meet the needs of our young people. Your support allows for programming to be consistent, world-class, and transformative. Through this partnership we can work together to build additional partnerships through signature events and fundraising that will secure additional financial resources to ensure the success of our young people.

become a mentor

Helping Empower Youth provides an opportunity to mobilize, motivate and inspire young people to take action that changes their world. HEY! one of the premier youth leadership development organizations in the Metro Atlanta area, is assisting young people in leading themselves from a complacent and apathetic outlook.


HEY! challenges youth to stake claim, prepare, and take action ensuring a positive, successful, and impactful future.Monumental change comes from opportunities that we create for ourselves. HEY! inspires and motivates young people to create those opportunities by providing leadership and mentoring initiatives. Through ongoing support these opportunities will afford youth to be leaders and problem solvers on their own.

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